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The Grand Cinema - The People’s Popcorn Aeroplane Icon
Umi Wagoner
August 03, 2023
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There’s almost too many good things to say about the Grand Cinema in Tacoma. At its core function, it stands for art with a hyper focus on cinema in the best way. It’s a nonprofit, providing a pathway to pop culture while keeping its doors and programming open to local and international film enthusiast, supporters, directors, and film industry professionals. All of that speaks to and sticks to the heritage that began at the Grand Cinema, once the Grand Theatre, in 1997. Two years prior in 1995 the cinema was closed after being freshly built, but was saved and turned into a nonprofit by to Tacoman film enthusiasts. Since then it’s functioned well, and only continues to stay head of the curve culturally while doing its civic duty, provide entertainment and service, at a high-level.

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The decor of The Grand fits both its name and location. It’s a gorgeous brick building, it has an old town charm, vintage carpeting in the concessions and four cozy theaters. The concessions are a reflection of Tacoma as well featuring beer from local breweries, fresh popcorn served by a volunteer only staff and your standard moviegoers candies and soft drinks.

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The individual theaters can be rented out. There’s also a private auditorium that can be rented out for parties and events private or public. It’s a part of The Grand Cinema that is utilized often during the Tacoma International Film Fest (TIFF), the film fest is a great time to be in Tacoma because so many different countries are represented, so many inspiring films are shown and a plethora of highlighted local talents are discovered. Hosting TIFF and organizing The Grand Cinema is one of Tacoma’s more relevant soft powers and an amazing networking event for all those involved. On top of that, The Grand Cinema actively engages with new ideas brought to the board straight from the community and you can clearly see the effects. They have the awards, accolades and community support to prove it.

The Grand Cinema

606 Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402


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Make It To The Show: Snõõper 7/6

Look, I’m only human; you show me a band that’s as dedicated to oddness and spirited performance art as Snõõper is, and I’m bound to take notice. What began as a pure recording project between Nashville punk rocker Connor Cummins and animator/artist Blair Tramel eventually hit the stage in 2021. Suddenly Snõõper (the Project) gave birth to Snõõper (the Band) – which, yes, is how the duo distinguishes themselves. Sn õ õ per’s sound may be familiar to those who dug into the alt-rock underground of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s: hyperactive, punk-inflected tunes that roughly average around the one-minute mark, recorded in a quick-and-dirty way to cassette, with programmed drums and effects making the two-piece sound both bigger and less human.Tramel’s experience in art, as well as her history in early education, makes Snõõper a magnet for puppetry. Sure enough, their videos and performances are packed with handcrafted props and papier mache characters. Now that the duo has expanded to have an actual live band accompanying them, they seem to have even more freedom to let their freak flags fly. More than ever, they are able to access their sonic forefathers in Devo to create the most energetic blast of art-rock imaginable.Alma Venue:Thursday July 6thSnõõper, w/ Forty Feet Tall, MuñecaAll Ages, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm, $15ticketsinstagram

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Umi's Corner Tacoma: Meet The Shakabrah & An In-Depth Chat with Dan

The Shakabrah is cool because it has been around forever (25 years or so) and gone through a few iterations of itself without losing the environment that has turned it into a staple over time, nothing cooler in Tacoma than being around for a reason. Its placement in the 6th Ave district is definitely a help but it’s the food, people, service and the experience that keep the word of mouth reviews rolling in. Since about 2015, Tacoma has been in a serious growing phase and it’s resulted in a lot of change in ownership and that’s continuing to happen. Some of them have been really bad and some of them have been for the better. Shakabrah’s changes have only been to its benefit. In 2017 it changed hands and the new owners couldn’t see a reason for change. The old adage “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” rang true. And the changes they did make have only made it more dynamic, a remodeled kitchen, a liquor license and advancement of their espresso/coffee offering.

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Make It To The Show: Small Paul 7/14

Someday, there will be proper studies done to explore the effect that a certain global pandemic had on creative processes. Anecdotally, through conversations and interviews over the past few years, I’ve heard artists report everything from a complete inability to create, to others claiming that they’ve never been more productive with their art. For those who were able to avoid writers’ block, though, one thing seems to be a constant: projects that might’ve otherwise never seen the light of day were given the chance to blossom in these times.This is certainly the case with Small Paul, a band that came together in a Seattle basement, formed with members of the Moondoggies, Chris King and the Gutterballs, and All Star Opera, towards the beginning of the pandemic. Rather than reflect any of the anxiety that has permeated the past few years, Small Paul carries with a warm, harmonic twang that recalls the ‘70s intersection of country and rock, a sound both laidback and soulful. Their debut EP, Strangeland, feels at times like a balm to protect against the stressors of the modern world. This is especially felt on album standout “Mexico,” with its vibes of golden hour, of a sun peacefully disappearing behind a horizon, and untold adventures waiting in the future.Small Paul’s debut LP, Come Alive & Live Again, is due to be released at the end of July – hopefully supplying the perfect soundtrack for another summer in the unknown.ALMA RooftopFriday, July 14thSmall Paul, w/ Salt Lick, RestrospecterAll Ages, Doors at 6pm, Show at 7pm, $15Tickets instagram

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Make It To The Show: Hump! Film Festival

Hump! Film Festival | Saturday, March 4As has been historically described – and thus, legally defined? – by the Supreme Court in the ‘40s, one knows pornography when one sees it. It’s both a completely sex-positive and rational way to approach the world, providing no one is victimized, but it also lends fire to loud hypocrites who would like to shame sexuality.