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Make It To Show: The Brothers Comatose 7/15Aeroplane Icon
Adam McKinney
June 29, 2023
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In 2016, the Comatose Brothers covered “Valerie,” a song that was famously covered by Brits Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse, and originated by the Liverpudlian indie rock group the Zutons. Where the Comatose Brothers diverged from the established path is that they veered away from indie rock and R&B, lending their distinctly beautiful bluegrass take to a song that had more or less taken on a life of its own in the ‘00s. In a nutshell, this sort of sums up the experience of hearing the Brothers Comatose – they provide a distinctly modern feel to bluegrass, but not in the way that so many bands tried to do around a decade ago.

The Comatose Brothers are revivalists in the same way as the Old Crow Medicine Show, honoring Americana’s past while also blazing a trail into the future. That bit of modern feel is hard to put one’s finger on, but what’s easy to catch is the sheer amount of energy they put into their performances. This is a five-piece that couldn’t be more in the pocket, more motivated to thrill, or more determined to make sure that they have fun delivering this pristine string music to you. Laying down those impeccable harmonies almost feels unfair to other bands.

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Saturday, July 15th


Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm, $21 GA

1322 S. Fawcett Ave



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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: Boys and Berries, Fruits and Veggies

When people outside of Washington state picture it in their minds they see forest for miles, pretty lakes, raging rivers, wilderness trails, farms and country. Those ideals are usually followed with images of fresh markets and farm to table meat by the pound from persons who are masters of agriculture and livestock. It’s one of the more romanticized versions of living in the Evergreen state and it’s not completely inaccurate. But it doesn’t encompass the entire picture and that lifestyle is few and far between in the Western half of the state. The glimpses you do get remind you how lucky we are to have such a blended mix of town and country for retailers and markets like the Tacoma Boys.

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Umi's CornerTacoma: The Red Hot - Brats, Brews & Beyond

Red hot is such a regular on my radar that it almost was overlooked. Located on the corner of Junett and 6th Ave. I would say that it is in the heart of 6th Ave., District. I’m sure someone could argue otherwise. But its location feels central to all the action and over the years its neighboring businesses have changed in a way that feels even more conducive to their target audience. The Red Hot sits on the corner, kiddie corner from Subway, directly across from taco time, Mary Mart is to its right and a tattoo parlor to its left. But just up the street less than a 5 min walk you have E9 and Locust Cider. Both of those establishments work with The Red Hot and you can find their flavors on tap there fairly often. So it’s neighborhood friendly to say the least.

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Make It To The Show: Naked Giants

Naked Giants | Saturday, February 18It’s awfully hard to give a much better first impression than Naked Giants did with “Dead/Alien,” the opening track on their 2018 debut LP SLUFF. A flurry of dissonance eases you into what turns out to be a brashly infectious blend of surfy punk, strangely melodic noise, and the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that can’t be manufactured. When they burst on the scene, Naked Giants’ triumvirate of merrymakers – Grant Mullen, Gianni Aiello, Henry LaVallee – were yet another group of fresh-faced, high school grads, bringing their energy and ambition with them, in all its’ bottled-up glory. In 2023, Naked Giants have established themselves as one of the more surprising entrants in the Pacific Northwest’s crowded field of melodic indie punk. 

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11:11 - Synchronize Sipping

Sandwiches in Tacoma are a big deal, it makes them easy to find but not all them are worth the bread. 1111 is owned by brothers from Tacoma, it’s nestled right in the center of the Hilltop neighborhood on 11th and MLK Blvd. Since 2012, 1111 has been showing their ability to be consistent with the food, service, experience, commitment to serving Tacoma and its inclusiveness. The coolest thing about their menu is how the vegan side mirrors the original versions of the sandwiches. It’s quite the convenience for friend groups that are diverse in diet. There were once pasta options on the menu as well - but zooming in their focus on the sandwiches is not a bad decision.