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Make It To The Show: Tomo Nakayama and Bryan John ApplebyAeroplane Icon
Adam McKinney
April 14, 2023
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Tomo Nakayama and Bryan John Appleby | Sunday, April 16

It’s only in the past years that Tomo Nakayama and Bryan John Appleby – the co-headliners at this April 16 show – would be seen as strange bedfellows, musically. In actuality, both emerged from a similar space of contemplative chamber-folk, using their earnest voices to convey any emotions that their carefully composed acoustic guitars, pianos, and strings couldn’t. Over the past decade and change, both artists have grown, implementing every bit of the knowledge they’ve gained in the intervening years, but in recent times, they’ve found themselves at different sonic destinations.

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While Appleby has increasingly incorporated synthesizers in his music, mostly as window dressing, Nakayama dove headfirst into the deep end of joyously ebullient synth-pop. Melonday, released in 2020, announced a drastic shift in tone for Nakayama, as his attention turned away from the earthy territory he had previously explored, and toward the sort of shimmering pop that effortlessly worms its way into your head. Amongst the surface sheen, though, the vulnerable voice and naked lyrics of Nakayama’s past work remains. Nakayama’s gift for getting the heart to race is matched by Appleby’s ability to soothe the savage beast, making the two of them working in tandem a force to be reckoned with.

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Tomo Nakayama and Bryan John Appleby with Alina Ashley Nicole

All Ages, Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm

$15 ADV, $20 DOS

ALMA Venue

1322 Fawcett Ave


Tomo Nakayama instagram

Bryan John Appleby instagram

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Make It To The Show: Ruckus in Tacoma - Summer Smoke Out

SATURDAY JULY 8th at THE VALLEYThe Valley has quietly (and, frequently, not-so-quietly) become one of the most reliable music venues in Tacoma, thanks in large part to the eclectic stream of bands that come through its doors. At its heart, though, the Valley is most suited to bringing in the kind of barroom bands that fit the venue’s classic Tacoma aesthetic – which will surely be represented when PNW record label Ruckus In The Boonies presents the Summer Smoke Out. Along with barbecue and vendors, the Summer Smoke Out will feature a cavalcade of bands; at the time of this writing, there are 10 in total, perfect for partying throughout the humid day and into the night.Valley regulars like Stoned Evergreen Travelers, Old Dirty Buzzards, Ghost Train Trio, and James Hunnicut are just some of the acts that will be performing, but the event is unofficially a celebration of the Pine Box Boys and their 20th anniversary. The San Francisco-based outfit has been practicing doom-laden, murder-obsessed alt-country for two decades, honing their craft to a razor-sharp edge. Few modern country acts have the same flair for storytelling that the Pine Box Boys have, spinning blood-drenched yarns packed with a kind of charismatic foreboding. With nine other bands performing – most of whom also make their homes at the intersection of country, rock, and punk – and the sweet smell of barbecue smoke perfuming the air, the Summer Smoke Out seems like the perfect way to kick the hot months off in style.SATURDAY JULY 8thThe Valley:Summer Smoke Out, w/ the Pine Box Boys, Old Dirty Buzzards, Stoned Evergreen Travelers, James Hunnicutt, Blood Fire & Rainwater, Ghost Train Trio, Emery Villains, The Selfish Bastard, Yotes, The Hoods Open Mic Challenge with Billy HoodDoors at 4pm, $151206 Puyallup

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Make It To The Show: Rocky Sandoval

Rocky Sandoval | Friday, March 24There are certain qualities that just can’t be teached. In hip-hop, things like flow, rhythmic complexity, and lyrical finesse can be learned and honed over time. But, then, there are those intangibles that come fully formed in artists – smoothness, for instance. A sense of poise and ease with words is one of things that just comes baked-in with some emcees. For a nearby example, we can look at the Tacoma-based Rocky Sandoval. Blending hip-hop and R&B, Sandoval has his finger on the pulse of what will get listeners up and moving, seamlessly blending storytelling with the kind of club-ready production that creates a concoction so intoxicating that you may be incapable of resisting that sexy vibe.

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Content for A King

King's BooksFor a city with a focus on the arts you would think books would be a larger part of that focus and growth. Books unceasingly inspire the arts while also being art. The old adage stands true that art begets art. The literary arts are as difficult and often fruitless as any other art form when it’s your profession. I’d wager that a solid 20-30% of the “starving artists'' demographic are writers. It’s not easy to do and in turn it’s not always easy to sell, especially in mid major markets, where independent bookstores are often overlooked for the sake of convenience. It was shocking to search and find that in all my years there has been only one addition to the city able to make it last and that is King’s Books. 

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Make It To The Show: Naked Giants

Naked Giants | Saturday, February 18It’s awfully hard to give a much better first impression than Naked Giants did with “Dead/Alien,” the opening track on their 2018 debut LP SLUFF. A flurry of dissonance eases you into what turns out to be a brashly infectious blend of surfy punk, strangely melodic noise, and the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that can’t be manufactured. When they burst on the scene, Naked Giants’ triumvirate of merrymakers – Grant Mullen, Gianni Aiello, Henry LaVallee – were yet another group of fresh-faced, high school grads, bringing their energy and ambition with them, in all its’ bottled-up glory. In 2023, Naked Giants have established themselves as one of the more surprising entrants in the Pacific Northwest’s crowded field of melodic indie punk.