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Make It To The Show: Hump! Film FestivalAeroplane Icon
March 01, 2023
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Hump! Film Festival | Saturday, March 4

As has been historically described – and thus, legally defined? – by the Supreme Court in the ‘40s, one knows pornography when one sees it. It’s both a completely sex-positive and rational way to approach the world, providing no one is victimized, but it also lends fire to loud hypocrites who would like to shame sexuality. 

For nearly 20 years, though, the Hump! Film Festival has been documenting all the myriad ways in which we see porn – when we see it. From the beginning, in 2005, The Stranger sex columnist Dan Savage started Hump! As an outlet for everyday people to express themselves, sexually, without having to post that video on the internet forever: in the early days, Hump! promised to make you a porn star for a weekend, not for life, and publicly burned the sex tapes on stage so that the secret was safe for everyone who attended.

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Nowadays, Hump! – and, really, pornography itself – has penetrated firmly enough into the mainstream to allow Hump! to not only take its show on the road, but to do streaming editions during the quarantine periods of COVID. Along the way, though, the festival has maintained its initial promise: to present sex, as offered by real people, in all its kaleidoscopic methods of expression. You’ll get humor, oddball artistry, raw sensuality, and intimate views of relationships that are hard enough to find in mainstream movies these days, let alone porn.

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For anyone new to Tacoma who might be a little squeamish watching porn with an audience, think a little bit about the Mecca – a porn theater that existed in downtown Tacoma right up until 2006. Before it closed, I made sure, as a 17-year-old, to come in and check it out. Let me tell you: taking a quick look into the screening room is one of those snapshots that exists in my mind to remind me where Tacoma used to be, and to reflect on where we are now.

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All Ages, Doors at 6:30pm, Show at 7:30pm,

ADV $20, DOS $25

ALMA Venue

1322 Fawcett Ave


HUMP! Instagram

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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: It’s Alive!!!!!

The brew boom of the PNW doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Washington and Oregon have many great breweries and micro-breweries, and while Tacoma has a few it’s the taprooms that really have it dialed in around here. You’ve got your speciality ones, your traditional settings and now we have our first futuristic experience. The Living Taproom was designed with several seating experiences in mind. Upon entering the space you’re in the living room, it’s standard, a couch facing two chairs, a table and rug in between and plants framing it all. Walk past the living room and the space opens up, there’s high tables for standing, tall chairs for bar seating, group size tables with chairs, couple sized tables with chairs, a swing set seating area that’s a main attraction and outdoor seating with furnaces and a fire pit. The owners did their job with the decor, the drinking and the pouring that’s all on the patron.

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Make It To The Show: Jesus On The Moon

Jesus on the Moon | Wednesday, March 29It’s been established, again and again, that the idea of a singular artistic mind and voice being entirely responsible for a band’s sound is bunk – making an album is a collaborative experience, no matter who you are. Still, that notion lingers, which lends a bit of extra juice to one-man bands, where a person locks themself away to create magic on their own. Jake Frye would undoubtedly bristle at this image, but as the operating brain behind Jesus on the Moon, his music project since 2005, Frye has been quietly writing and recording songs in tucked-away spots like basements and bedrooms. Like it or not, his authorial stamp is all over every guitar-spiked, synth-soothed note of his music.

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Make It To The Show: Ruckus in Tacoma - Summer Smoke Out

SATURDAY JULY 8th at THE VALLEYThe Valley has quietly (and, frequently, not-so-quietly) become one of the most reliable music venues in Tacoma, thanks in large part to the eclectic stream of bands that come through its doors. At its heart, though, the Valley is most suited to bringing in the kind of barroom bands that fit the venue’s classic Tacoma aesthetic – which will surely be represented when PNW record label Ruckus In The Boonies presents the Summer Smoke Out. Along with barbecue and vendors, the Summer Smoke Out will feature a cavalcade of bands; at the time of this writing, there are 10 in total, perfect for partying throughout the humid day and into the night.Valley regulars like Stoned Evergreen Travelers, Old Dirty Buzzards, Ghost Train Trio, and James Hunnicut are just some of the acts that will be performing, but the event is unofficially a celebration of the Pine Box Boys and their 20th anniversary. The San Francisco-based outfit has been practicing doom-laden, murder-obsessed alt-country for two decades, honing their craft to a razor-sharp edge. Few modern country acts have the same flair for storytelling that the Pine Box Boys have, spinning blood-drenched yarns packed with a kind of charismatic foreboding. With nine other bands performing – most of whom also make their homes at the intersection of country, rock, and punk – and the sweet smell of barbecue smoke perfuming the air, the Summer Smoke Out seems like the perfect way to kick the hot months off in style.SATURDAY JULY 8thThe Valley:Summer Smoke Out, w/ the Pine Box Boys, Old Dirty Buzzards, Stoned Evergreen Travelers, James Hunnicutt, Blood Fire & Rainwater, Ghost Train Trio, Emery Villains, The Selfish Bastard, Yotes, The Hoods Open Mic Challenge with Billy HoodDoors at 4pm, $151206 Puyallup

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: A Young Seoul - KBBQ Burgers

Food trucks have been in an uphill battle with the restaurant community and city of Tacoma for years. It’s a beautiful thing to know that Tacoma’s Health Department is so in-the-know and actively checking their list so thoroughly to ensure all things are up to code. But I have seen it be incredibly frustrating to get great businesses started because it’s the red taped path that leads to a ribbon cutting ceremony. When Burger Seoul was getting started eyes seemed to be on them with a laser focus. Due to the city’s regulations they couldn’t cruise from place to place setting up shop where requested or commissioned by other businesses or organizations. A business model you usually see in other cities that helps build awareness and word of mouth marketing was not allowed here. Since then it seems the city has lightened up a bit but they’re still ready to crack down on inspections at a moment's notice. I’ve seen it happen even at the Tacoma Art Museum.