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Make It To The Show: Kitty Junk 7/9Aeroplane Icon
Umi Wagoner
June 29, 2023
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Seattle-based duo Kitty Junk made a splash on the scene at a time when there wasn’t so much to splash into. Forming in 2020 and releasing their debut LP in 2021, Kitty Junk immediately started turning heads with their buzzing mixture of bluesy garage rock, strutting glam, throwback grunge, and a fiery activist spirit. Angie Dane and Ryan Lee say they started the project as a way of pushing back on the sexist climate of the music industry. So far, their two LPs released – 2021’s Converse Theory and 2022’s Junk Punk – reflect the clenched-fist blow they hope to score in favor of inclusivity and equality in a part of the country that most people assume to already be there.

Beyond the message of the songs, though, is the sound and fury that Kitty Junk manages to create. Only a two-piece, they come together to slash and burn through songs that vascillate between primal screams and mocking jabs. It’s their innate sense of playfulness that makes their heavier moments even more impactful. The vocals, in particular, have a way of sliding into a yowling wail at any given moment, and as the muscular drums propel the songs forward, there is always the distinct feeling that any song is just about to descend into a sonic meltdown. Wear ear plugs and bring your friends.

Sunday July 9th

Spanish Ballroom Kitty Junk, w/ Filthy FemCorps, Indigo Blue All Ages, Doors at 4pm, Show at 5pm, $10 ADV, $15 DOS

565 Broadway




Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 8

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Shed Studios - The Passion of Practice

Timing is so crucial to starting a business and any sustainable small business owner will vouch for that. But it’s not just timing of course, your entry into the market needs to be impressive as well. Shed Studios has both and it’s been working for them ever since. It also has the golden ticket, location, on the corner of Opera Alley in the 705 Court C building so there’s decent parking and depending on the time you’re surrounded by food and entertainment. 

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Cathedrals & Cantinas

The Church Cantina When you’re in a city full of bars, pubs and dives, setting yourself apart from being “just another bar” is about curating the crowd and achieving this feat is usually predicated on the atmosphere. It should be obvious that decor is a major part of marketing your business and grabbing your piece of the market through your target customer. Church Cantina has done an amazing job of this and it starts at the name. A church theme can attract those with gothic ideologies or personal style, especially in the evening. Traditionally, a Cantina serves drinks and meals and has decor specific to a crowd or less popular audience. I have to say they checked all the boxes. Their logo is a Gothic style cathedral with ‘The Church Cantina’ written underneath in the same gothic style font with a red and black color scheme used for their menu.

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Curran Coffee Carries on Tradition

Coffee culture is continuing to grow in Tacoma and it continues to be exciting to have options. Tacoma hasn’t always been a place with variety as a priority; it’s more of an oldie but goodie place. The more of the market place independents take up the less need for chains like Starbucks and far less market potential for them to poach. I’m not saying we don’t need them but more us and less them should always be the goal. Although keeping in mind there may be some Tacomans who own franchises and those should be the ones most frequented. There is a lot of charm and tradition built into our businesses. But as of late (the last 5 years) we are starting to see the rumblings of progress. Slowly more independent coffee experiences are developing throughout Tacoma and that’s bringing Tacomans into neighborhoods they haven’t traditionally frequented. It’s great businesses that often create cross pollination within cities. An area may feel out of the way until you have a reason to go. And Old Town Tacoma hasn’t been injected with something new in a while. Space is a major part of the issue, there’s only room for about 4 businesses on the little strip of N 30th anyway, but it’s prime real estate and holds significant historical value. The space they occupy was once completely owned by the Spar, one side was the Spar cafe while the other catered to the Spar bar. During my early years of college living elsewhere and coming home to the Spar felt like the most authentic part of Tacoma, the Old Town history and proximity to downtown via Schuster Way offered a level of convenience to the Waterfront prior to its developments and my version of nightlife simultaneously.

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Make It To The Show: Them

THEM | Thursday, Dec. 15There’s a sense of timelessness to THEM that belies the young age of the band members, all women in their late teens and early ‘20s. The Seattle four-piece has an innate ability to recall ‘70s Laurel Canyon, ‘80s synth-pop, ‘90s slacker rock, mid-00s twee, and all manner of decades of teenage pop heartache.