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Make It To The Show: Rocky SandovalAeroplane Icon
Adam McKinney
March 14, 2023
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Rocky Sandoval | Friday, March 24

There are certain qualities that just can’t be teached. In hip-hop, things like flow, rhythmic complexity, and lyrical finesse can be learned and honed over time. But, then, there are those intangibles that come fully formed in artists – smoothness, for instance. A sense of poise and ease with words is one of things that just comes baked-in with some emcees. For a nearby example, we can look at the Tacoma-based Rocky Sandoval. Blending hip-hop and R&B, Sandoval has his finger on the pulse of what will get listeners up and moving, seamlessly blending storytelling with the kind of club-ready production that creates a concoction so intoxicating that you may be incapable of resisting that sexy vibe.

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Frankly, Sandoval’s bend toward funky, giddily horny music is a breath of fresh air in a scene where sex has taken a backseat to, I dunno, musical dynamics. After a couple years of isolating from human contact, it honestly feels like a blissful excursion to listen to Sandoval’s 2022 LP My Confessions, which encompasses every primal urge that surges inside not only Rocky, but all of us: heartache, longing, wired nights on the dancefloor, and the feeling that comes with coming home alone – and, even worse, coming home with the wrong person. Rocky Sandoval has spent years exploring these thoughts, and you can join him at ALMA to get those thoughts of your own out.

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Rocky Sandoval

All Ages, 7pm Door, 8pm Show,

ADV $20, DOS $35

ALMA Venue

1322 Fawcett Ave



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Umi's CornerTacoma: The Red Hot - Brats, Brews & Beyond

Red hot is such a regular on my radar that it almost was overlooked. Located on the corner of Junett and 6th Ave. I would say that it is in the heart of 6th Ave., District. I’m sure someone could argue otherwise. But its location feels central to all the action and over the years its neighboring businesses have changed in a way that feels even more conducive to their target audience. The Red Hot sits on the corner, kiddie corner from Subway, directly across from taco time, Mary Mart is to its right and a tattoo parlor to its left. But just up the street less than a 5 min walk you have E9 and Locust Cider. Both of those establishments work with The Red Hot and you can find their flavors on tap there fairly often. So it’s neighborhood friendly to say the least.

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Outpost Sandwiches - Secret Sandwich Society

I have always said that Tacoma is a sandwich town but when the owners of the outpost, originally Outpost Kitchen now Outpost Sandwiches, first moved to downtown Tacoma they were right options for a unprocessed sandwich were dismal and unexciting. Tacoma is fortunate they decided to do something about it. Since their opening Outpost continues to grow as a staple in the downtown Tacoma lunch service. It was interesting to see the growth in real time. It felt as though it was all word-of-mouth. Someone would leave the office on a lunch adventure and return to the office with a sandwich sleeved in parchment paper and I’m sure the questions arose. “Oh, that’s smells good, oh where did you find that? Oh, how much was it? Oh, how long have they been around?” Eventually, the questions stopped and the praise began, local clothier and community business eTc Tacoma has collaborated with their downtown neighbor Outpost in the past as well. Outpost has also done community outreach and given back through portions of proceeds going to feeding kids for the Summer via specialty lunch meals, put together for Daz Deal community programming another downtown activation. The owners are a handsome couple and one treat of the experience is seeing how in unison they are preparing lunch orders, call-in orders and moving seamlessly together. The food is so good they’ve even had IG accounts start their content rollout with just their sandwich offering. There’s a lot of reasons to love this business if you can find it.

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Croissant Crescendos

Corina BakeryWhen it comes to pastries in the morning there aren’t very many independents you can go to that will provide both variety and quality. What usually happens is they have the quality but they sell out of everything before they even make it to the midday rush. As a small business owner it’s a good problem to have but as a consumer it can be devastating. There may be no worse feeling than thinking all day about the taste of a delicious treat and when you arrive it’s no longer there, it’s enough to make you skip your morning meetings to ensure to get that bite or slice of happiness to push you through a tough or busy day. If you can’t tell yet, I have been a victim of this. The other side of the coin is the cafe that only does one thing right, so every time it's the same thing and variety goes out the window. Corina’s really does both exceptionally well, what isn’t baked in house is sourced with intention and care and I usually learn about a company that I would want to be in the know about anyway. 

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Make It To The Show- Punk in Drublic: NOFX

If you were to walk into a crowded bar and loudly announce that NOFX were celebrating their 40th anniversary, chances are that more than a few people would get struck with a kind of existential ennui, their eyes drifting off into the middle distance as they ponder the cruel passage of time. In fact, this may be the same reaction NOFX had when they realized this milestone was approaching, as they’ve taken the opportunity to call it a day and hit that sweet retirement. Not ones to go out on a whimper, though, NOFX decided to tackle their farewell tour by hitting 40 cities and playing 40 songs per show.