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Make It To The Show: The Whole Bolivian ArmyAeroplane Icon
January 24, 2023
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The Whole Bolivian Army | Saturday, January 28

In Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the film ends as our heroes find themselves surrounded by the Bolivian army, with little hope of making it out alive. Thankfully, the movie cuts to credits before we have to see them get riddled with bullets. Tacoma mainstays The Whole Bolivian Army, however, have unambiguously survived their own insurmountable odds: formed in 1993, smack dab in the middle of the alternative boom in the Pacific Northwest, facing down waves of groundbreaking bands and hangers-on, releasing album after album in the face of a fickle music industry. Married couple Mary Beth and Matt Kite, founders of The Whole Bolivian Army, are the only ones remaining from the initial lineup, but their staying power is exemplified by their son, Gibson, joining the band as drummer. 

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Still, 30 years is a good, round number, and for The Whole Bolivian Army, it’s the perfect time to call it quits. Their show at the Spanish Ballroom is just one in a trio of shows, also hitting Seattle and Olympia, where the band will be bidding adieu to live performances. Of course, this leaves the door wide open for more records to be released, and with that being the case, The Whole Bolivian Army has just recently shown that they’re still going out on top, releasing music that sits comfortably among the best they’ve ever made.

Their 2021 LP, Scream, shows a band that hasn’t lost its step, delivering driving, atmospheric alt-rock that sounds as vital today as it did 30 years ago. Mary Beth’s haunting vocals anchor the band, while electronic textures and jittery percussion crackle throughout, at times lending vibes of early ‘00s Radiohead. There’s a tension at the heart of The Whole Bolivian Army, which is occasionally allowed to erupt in wildly satisfying bursts of catharsis.

If The Whole Bolivian Army are, as their fans say, one of the Pacific Northwest’s best-kept secrets, they are one to be cherished. Come see them off at the Spanish Ballroom and give them the heroes’ sendoff they’ve been dodging all of these years.

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The Whole Bolivian Army, w/ Wild Powwers, Salt Lick

All Ages, Doors at 6pm, Show at 7pm,

$10 ADV, $15 DOS

Spanish Ballroom

565 Broadway



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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: All Bets on Silver

The Lucky Silver Tavern has new owners!! It’s beautiful to see a classic reinvigorated instead of resurrected after being closed for months or even years before someone has the guts, business acumen or blind passion to save a piece of history. For many millennials the Lucky Silver has been roadside scenery, just another bar from the old guard of Tacoma and the South Tacoma Way heyday. If you didn’t have a family member that once frequented or still frequents then you may not have a reason to pop in other than having a heavy case of curiosity. But the Lucky Silver has been a hub and port in a storm to a crowd of Tacomans for 50+ years. It was even featured on a King 5 segment: 5 Star Dive Bars in 2019 surely in an effort to bolster local businesses as the pandemic and COVID regulations were active. The bar itself was built in the 1940s and the original signage, that still exists today, was already there when former owner Kathy Carr’s parents purchased the bar way back when.

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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: Pairing Pies & Pints

It’s a perfect Tacoman business. State Street hits all the touch points of Tacoma, fully wood decor, an open seating plan, outdoor seating with standing room, 15 rotating hand chosen tap beers, food, family-friendly, prime time hours and location. That means there’s no one that can’t pass through your doors and it’s easy to find your business. They are keeping it simple in the best way, I love the quote under their address on the website, “Located on 6th Ave, just behind Bluebeard Coffee Roasters and across from Hilltop Heritage Middle School”. You can’t miss them, and if you’re from Tacoma you can see it with your eyes closed.

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THEM | Thursday, Dec. 15There’s a sense of timelessness to THEM that belies the young age of the band members, all women in their late teens and early ‘20s. The Seattle four-piece has an innate ability to recall ‘70s Laurel Canyon, ‘80s synth-pop, ‘90s slacker rock, mid-00s twee, and all manner of decades of teenage pop heartache.

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There’s almost too many good things to say about the Grand Cinema in Tacoma. At its core function, it stands for art with a hyper focus on cinema in the best way. It’s a nonprofit, providing a pathway to pop culture while keeping its doors and programming open to local and international film enthusiast, supporters, directors, and film industry professionals. All of that speaks to and sticks to the heritage that began at the Grand Cinema, once the Grand Theatre, in 1997. Two years prior in 1995 the cinema was closed after being freshly built, but was saved and turned into a nonprofit by to Tacoman film enthusiasts. Since then it’s functioned well, and only continues to stay head of the curve culturally while doing its civic duty, provide entertainment and service, at a high-level.