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Make It To The Show: Home In Tacoma For All Aeroplane Icon
Adam McKinney
December 05, 2022
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Home In Tacoma For All | Thursday, Dec. 8

Housing is a human right. Can we start with that? If we can, then we can move on to the myriad ways in which this right is distorted and kept from the vulnerable people who need it. Home in Tacoma is an organization that is working to address this in the face of opposition that seems to view those without access to housing as – without failure – drug addicts and violent criminals.

The problem is that housing has become an asset that has been priced out of the attainability of all but the most fortunate citizens. As Home in Tacoma have reported, Tacoma’s average rent saw a nearly 40% increase from March of 2021 to March of 2022, meaning that so many people have had to resort to treading water by sleeping in cars, motel rooms, or tents. As we enter the cold months of Tacoma, it’s heartbreaking to consider how many people are being left out to fend for themselves, and the cruel mindset that keeps them that way.

In an effort to provide some sort of relief, ALMA is hosting Home in Tacoma for their “Home in Tacoma For All'' show, featuring some amazing acts that showcase a pretty wide swath of Tacoma’s artistic expression.

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First up, we’ve got the Rusty Cleavers, a band that embodies Tacoma’s penchant for folk and punk, mashing them together into a rowdy display that will have the old-timers raising their glasses and the youngsters pogoing in the pit.You have not lived until you’ve heard washboard meet banjo, banjo meet stomp, and stomp meet crowd. It’s a communal experience that oughta be felt by any Tacoma citizen.

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Next up, we have Cellophane Eyes.

Cellophane Eyes, you ask? Weird, you ask? Something to show my grandma, you ask? Yes, yes, and maybe. If we have one group that still carries the torch of weirdo rock in Tacoma, it’s Cellophane Eyes. With ties to both the City of Destiny and the Crab Nebula, Cellophane Eyes devote all of their time to blowing the minds of those who find themselves in their presence. Instruments tend toward the jazz side of art-rock, and the vocals – when they exist – might guide you along a trip to the very back part of your brain.

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With all of that taken into consideration, we also have KpX, providing a nervy representation of hip-hop in Tacoma. Putting forward that vulnerability, that shakiness, alongside his pride and strengths – KpX is balancing the fight between machismo and fully confessional songwriting. In some songs, he keeps that smooth cadence, while eschewing the hurt that makes him relatable, but KpX is an artist who seems to be willing to lay themselves out for their art and for its scrutiny.

This Thursday, these disparate artists will be coming together to help raise money for folks who need it – and, to be perfectly honest, they may be raising those funds from people who may never be in a situation where they might need it this much. In these times of holidays, it’s standard to ask for anyone with means to help those who have none, but please – give what you can, and consider what else you might have to contribute for the rest of the year.

Find more info and an email to message about donations at

Cellophane Eyes, Rusty Cleavers, KPX

All Ages, 7pm Door, 8pm Show, $15 ADV, $20 DOS

ALMA Venue

1322 Fawcett Ave


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The Whole Bolivian Army | Saturday, January 28In Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the film ends as our heroes find themselves surrounded by the Bolivian army, with little hope of making it out alive. Thankfully, the movie cuts to credits before we have to see them get riddled with bullets. Tacoma mainstays The Whole Bolivian Army, however, have unambiguously survived their own insurmountable odds: formed in 1993, smack dab in the middle of the alternative boom in the Pacific Northwest, facing down waves of groundbreaking bands and hangers-on, releasing album after album in the face of a fickle music industry. Married couple Mary Beth and Matt Kite, founders of The Whole Bolivian Army, are the only ones remaining from the initial lineup, but their staying power is exemplified by their son, Gibson, joining the band as drummer. 

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Jesus on the Moon | Wednesday, March 29It’s been established, again and again, that the idea of a singular artistic mind and voice being entirely responsible for a band’s sound is bunk – making an album is a collaborative experience, no matter who you are. Still, that notion lingers, which lends a bit of extra juice to one-man bands, where a person locks themself away to create magic on their own. Jake Frye would undoubtedly bristle at this image, but as the operating brain behind Jesus on the Moon, his music project since 2005, Frye has been quietly writing and recording songs in tucked-away spots like basements and bedrooms. Like it or not, his authorial stamp is all over every guitar-spiked, synth-soothed note of his music.

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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: Buy the Pint

Tacoma loves beer. We’re pretty good at brewing it and we enjoy drinking it on the regular. But we enjoy more than just the taste, we enjoy the competition and the culture that surrounds it, either it makes you a fan of a company or a naysayer. It helps that Eastern Washington grows some of the best hops in the world and has a natural habitat to do so. It also helps that there are taprooms everywhere that strive to provide the best, newest, rarest and most popular beers out. During the rather short lived Great Notion era and the even shorter lived slushie era taprooms around Tacoma were scrambling weekly to keep up with demand. It was a fun moment but it wasn’t for the beer drinker it was for the non beer drinker. Why would you mask the beer taste if you like the taste of beer??

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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: It’s Alive!!!!!

The brew boom of the PNW doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Washington and Oregon have many great breweries and micro-breweries, and while Tacoma has a few it’s the taprooms that really have it dialed in around here. You’ve got your speciality ones, your traditional settings and now we have our first futuristic experience. The Living Taproom was designed with several seating experiences in mind. Upon entering the space you’re in the living room, it’s standard, a couch facing two chairs, a table and rug in between and plants framing it all. Walk past the living room and the space opens up, there’s high tables for standing, tall chairs for bar seating, group size tables with chairs, couple sized tables with chairs, a swing set seating area that’s a main attraction and outdoor seating with furnaces and a fire pit. The owners did their job with the decor, the drinking and the pouring that’s all on the patron.