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Umi’s Tacoma: Goated Coffee for TacomaAeroplane Icon
Umi Wagoner
March 28, 2023
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Dancing Goats

Dancing Goats is one of the newer cafes to open in Tacoma. Post COVID coffee is hitting downtown Tacoma in waves and it’s got a few more surprises but Dancing Goats finally making its way to Tacoma is huge. First opened in our state capital Olympia, WA in 1988 it’s very much a heritage brand to WA although in an effort to scale the business it was moved to Atlanta to grow the roasting side of the company early on in the 90’s. It’s actually pretty cool they are just entering the Tacoma area. There’s something to be said about waiting for the right time and focusing on what makes sense until an attractive opportunity presents itself. And the Brewery Blocks is that opportunity. Their location at the entrance and next to the neighborhood signage is definitely an advantage. But their own branding is eye-catching and brightly colored as well. 

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My first interaction with their product was not at the cafe but during a South Sound Mag Best of the Best event at Chambers Bay. They had a vendor's table with their coffee and a hospitable server. The server clearly worked for the company for quite some time, they were informative about both the coffee and the company. I mentioned I saw they were open but hadn’t been able to drop in and they topped off a great first impression with a free coffee card. It was a 10/10 customer service experience and it only piqued my curiosity about where the brand began and how it flourished for decades before entering the bigger city next door. Not only do they have several locations in Georgia, Atlanta specifically, but they have also opened up tasting rooms and a training facility in St. Petersburg, Florida for roasting coffee beans.

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The Dancing Goats Brewery Blocks location is impressive. They developed a very spacious and open floor plan with plenty of seating and sleek concrete floors. There are multiple bar seating areas; there’s one at the end of the pick up counter and another on the far wall. But my favorite are the separated lounge areas, the furniture is a bit more eccentric, you’re surrounded by art and the Dancing Goat custom wallpaper is such a nice detail it has to be mentioned. They really spared no expense on the buildout and it shows from the furniture to the fun circular lighting, down to the thin granite countertops with hexagon tile base, the beautiful blue mosaic-esque splash wall and the custom logo art on the wall. It’s a lovely place to grab a solo cup of coffee or to take an in person meeting. Outdoor seating is available for those warmer days and its location makes it easy to go from working through the morning with coffee to popping next door for a slice from Camp Colvos and a brew.

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In addition to the customer service and the beautiful atmosphere the product is special. The coffee both decaf and caffeinated, has a bold and delicious flavor. It shows that they have tenured experience in roasting coffee. Anytime there’s a beverage special - try it. One of my first times visiting I tried the advertised beverage on their A-frame sign, a lavender speciality drink that not only perked me up but the smooth blend of espresso and lavender stayed with me far into the afternoon until my lunch meeting. Since then I keep an eye out for concoctions that have flavor profiles I enjoy and make an effort to try them while I can. It’s boutique roasted coffee at a larger scale than most of us are used to seeing and it's from right here in the Puget Sound. Fingers crossed tightly we see them continue to grow in their region of origin with the ability to stay as sustainable and eco-friendly facing as they have been to this point. 

2102 Commerce Street

Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253 -292 -1530

Hours: Mon.-Fri: 7AM-5PM | Sat.-Sun.: 8AM-4PM

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