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Umi Wagoner
August 03, 2023
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I have always said that Tacoma is a sandwich town but when the owners of the outpost, originally Outpost Kitchen now Outpost Sandwiches, first moved to downtown Tacoma they were right options for a unprocessed sandwich were dismal and unexciting. Tacoma is fortunate they decided to do something about it. Since their opening Outpost continues to grow as a staple in the downtown Tacoma lunch service. It was interesting to see the growth in real time. It felt as though it was all word-of-mouth. Someone would leave the office on a lunch adventure and return to the office with a sandwich sleeved in parchment paper and I’m sure the questions arose. “Oh, that’s smells good, oh where did you find that? Oh, how much was it? Oh, how long have they been around?” Eventually, the questions stopped and the praise began, local clothier and community business eTc Tacoma has collaborated with their downtown neighbor Outpost in the past as well. Outpost has also done community outreach and given back through portions of proceeds going to feeding kids for the Summer via specialty lunch meals, put together for Daz Deal community programming another downtown activation. The owners are a handsome couple and one treat of the experience is seeing how in unison they are preparing lunch orders, call-in orders and moving seamlessly together. The food is so good they’ve even had IG accounts start their content rollout with just their sandwich offering. There’s a lot of reasons to love this business if you can find it.

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Outpost Sandwiches are located on the bottom floor of the A St. post office in downtown Tacoma. You cannot spot them from the street. So, although downtown has discovered the quality and consistency that these two are able to output daily, it’s still feels a bit like one of Tacoma’s best kept secret. When I eat there I am often blown away by the consistency so much so that it’s now my favorite place to take first timers seeing the reaction to the flavor profiles that the Outpost team has created is always a treat for me. Their chicken melt tastes exactly the same every time. It’s uncanny. The dining experience is fairly unique. It’s an order at the counter, open kitchen with separate seating across from the ordering and pickup window. They share the bottom floor of the post office with other businesses, but from the S 12th street entrance they are the first business you run into unless you’ve missed the lunch hour - then your on your own. Window closed.

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1102 A St

Unit 104

Tacoma, WA 98402

United States


Weekdays -11AM - 3PM

Oupost Menu


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Make It To The Show: Jesus On The Moon

Jesus on the Moon | Wednesday, March 29It’s been established, again and again, that the idea of a singular artistic mind and voice being entirely responsible for a band’s sound is bunk – making an album is a collaborative experience, no matter who you are. Still, that notion lingers, which lends a bit of extra juice to one-man bands, where a person locks themself away to create magic on their own. Jake Frye would undoubtedly bristle at this image, but as the operating brain behind Jesus on the Moon, his music project since 2005, Frye has been quietly writing and recording songs in tucked-away spots like basements and bedrooms. Like it or not, his authorial stamp is all over every guitar-spiked, synth-soothed note of his music.

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Make It To The Show: Kitty Junk 7/9

Seattle-based duo Kitty Junk made a splash on the scene at a time when there wasn’t so much to splash into. Forming in 2020 and releasing their debut LP in 2021, Kitty Junk immediately started turning heads with their buzzing mixture of bluesy garage rock, strutting glam, throwback grunge, and a fiery activist spirit. Angie Dane and Ryan Lee say they started the project as a way of pushing back on the sexist climate of the music industry. So far, their two LPs released – 2021’s Converse Theory and 2022’s Junk Punk – reflect the clenched-fist blow they hope to score in favor of inclusivity and equality in a part of the country that most people assume to already be there.

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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: It’s Alive!!!!!

The brew boom of the PNW doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Washington and Oregon have many great breweries and micro-breweries, and while Tacoma has a few it’s the taprooms that really have it dialed in around here. You’ve got your speciality ones, your traditional settings and now we have our first futuristic experience. The Living Taproom was designed with several seating experiences in mind. Upon entering the space you’re in the living room, it’s standard, a couch facing two chairs, a table and rug in between and plants framing it all. Walk past the living room and the space opens up, there’s high tables for standing, tall chairs for bar seating, group size tables with chairs, couple sized tables with chairs, a swing set seating area that’s a main attraction and outdoor seating with furnaces and a fire pit. The owners did their job with the decor, the drinking and the pouring that’s all on the patron.