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Umi's CornerTacoma: The Red Hot - Brats, Brews & BeyondAeroplane Icon
Umi Wagoner
May 26, 2023
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Red hot is such a regular on my radar that it almost was overlooked. Located on the corner of Junett and 6th Ave. I would say that it is in the heart of 6th Ave., District. I’m sure someone could argue otherwise. But its location feels central to all the action and over the years its neighboring businesses have changed in a way that feels even more conducive to their target audience. The Red Hot sits on the corner, kiddie corner from Subway, directly across from taco time, Mary Mart is to its right and a tattoo parlor to its left. But just up the street less than a 5 min walk you have E9 and Locust Cider. Both of those establishments work with The Red Hot and you can find their flavors on tap there fairly often. So it’s neighborhood friendly to say the least.

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The concept behind TRH is hot dogs, sausages, glizzys of all kinds with several options for vegans as well, plus beer. Lots of beer. TRH is often where I go to sample new breweries. Over the years they’ve become the Tacoma Thomas Guide to hops and ciders alike. You fill your belly with delicious concoctions quickly assembled and served while taking a trip through hops heaven, down stout st or around the sour scenery but you always end up back at The Red Hot. They even made ordering decisive, sentimental and fun. Several sausages or hot dogs are named to correlate with Tacoman culture and geography. Some of my personal favorites are the Destiny City Slaw Dog although I usually hold the chili, it is amazing with the chili as well, just a little messy for me. The Salsa Verde Dog and Banh Mi are my standouts that don’t bear any direct attachment to Tacoma. But it was the Veganerwurst and The Kommisar that initially brought me through the doors and made me a regular. Both of them are vegan dogs and during my introduction to TRH I was taken aback by how authentic the experience was to an all-beef or bratwurst. They only use Field Roast sausages for their vegan options.

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The TRH decor is flawless. It feels like they have endless beer history on the walls. They have advertisements that we guarantee you’ve never seen before. Not to mention the plethora of Heidelberg photos from when it was up and running with the best of them. It’s a trip down memory lane that has at times led me to research on my own a bit further. The ceiling is full of tap handles providing that classic touch that is necessary in any beer focused watering hole that isn’t a brewery. The three full sized chalkboards are hand-painted with their current offerings and color coded from time to time so you know what type of beer you’re looking at instead of getting lost in the fancy and fun names. Make sure you don’t order a Stout when you want a Pilsner. I’ve done that once or twice because the name was so captivating. TRH does a phenomenal job at branding throughout the space. They have custom wall decals and stacks of cans wrapped with alternative branding as well. But the proverbial cherry on top has to be their sports memorabilia. They have a signed Tacoma Stars pennant and a bobble head collection that can make your mouth water as much as the brats and brews. Everything about TRH is a unique Tacoman dining experience. It’s a place you send family and take out-of -towners.

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2914 6th Ave

Tacoma, WA 98406

United States


(253) 779-0229

Everyday 11AM-10PM

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