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Make It To The Show: ThemAeroplane Icon
Adam McKinney
December 09, 2022
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THEM | Thursday, Dec. 15

There’s a sense of timelessness to THEM that belies the young age of the band members, all women in their late teens and early ‘20s. The Seattle four-piece has an innate ability to recall ‘70s Laurel Canyon, ‘80s synth-pop, ‘90s slacker rock, mid-00s twee, and all manner of decades of teenage pop heartache.

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Their immediate rise to success after their debut in 2021 – opening for established names like Charli XCX and Jens Lekman and rising through the charts of KEXP – speaks to how much people still hunger for that intoxicating mixture of earnest longing and untarnished spirit that comes with music made by people young enough to unflinchingly share every vulnerability they possess. On the car ep, THEM’s biggest struggles come from nursing crushes and getting into car accidents, two of life’s most universal trials. Whether you’re 15 or 75, you’ll find something to latch onto in these lyrics, and the cleanness of the production and intimacy of the instrumentation may transport you back to times when you were experiencing everything these young women are singing about. On the 15th, they’ll be performing alongside Hot Step Mom and Babe.wav, two other young bands on the rise, giving a glimpse of what the next generation of PNW rock has to offer. The future’s looking bright.

THEM w/ Hot Step Mom, Babe.wav

All Ages, Doors at 6pm, Show at 7pm, $10 ADV, $15 DOS

Spanish Ballroom

565 Broadway

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Make It To The Show: Enumclaw

Enumclaw | Saturday, Dec. 10Around these parts, whenever bands evoke the sounds of the ‘90s, it’s almost always through the prism of American alt-rock and grunge – two movements that still loom large in the landscape of the Pacific Northwest music scene. It’s a little surprising, then, that despite the similarities Tacoma shares with blue-collar British hotbeds of ‘90s rock, like Manchester and Sheffield, Britpop is a genre that seems to receive little to no homage in our neck of the woods. Bands like Blur, Pulp, Suede, and Oasis came to define Britpop, bringing anthem-ready tunes and working-class grit to the airwaves.

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Make It To The Show: The Whole Bolivian Army

The Whole Bolivian Army | Saturday, January 28In Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the film ends as our heroes find themselves surrounded by the Bolivian army, with little hope of making it out alive. Thankfully, the movie cuts to credits before we have to see them get riddled with bullets. Tacoma mainstays The Whole Bolivian Army, however, have unambiguously survived their own insurmountable odds: formed in 1993, smack dab in the middle of the alternative boom in the Pacific Northwest, facing down waves of groundbreaking bands and hangers-on, releasing album after album in the face of a fickle music industry. Married couple Mary Beth and Matt Kite, founders of The Whole Bolivian Army, are the only ones remaining from the initial lineup, but their staying power is exemplified by their son, Gibson, joining the band as drummer. 

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Make It To The Show: Home In Tacoma For All

Home In Tacoma For All | Thursday, Dec. 8Housing is a human right. Can we start with that? If we can, then we can move on to the myriad ways in which this right is distorted and kept from the vulnerable people who need it. Home in Tacoma is an organization that is working to address this in the face of opposition that seems to view those without access to housing as – without failure – drug addicts and violent criminals.The problem is that housing has become an asset that has been priced out of the attainability of all but the most fortunate citizens. As Home in Tacoma have reported, Tacoma’s average rent saw a nearly 40% increase from March of 2021 to March of 2022, meaning that so many people have had to resort to treading water by sleeping in cars, motel rooms, or tents. As we enter the cold months of Tacoma, it’s heartbreaking to consider how many people are being left out to fend for themselves, and the cruel mindset that keeps them that way.In an effort to provide some sort of relief, ALMA is hosting Home in Tacoma for their “Home in Tacoma For All'' show, featuring some amazing acts that showcase a pretty wide swath of Tacoma’s artistic expression.

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Make It To The Show: Punx in the Woods Fun-Raiser

Punx in the Woods Fun-Raiser | Saturday, April 22In a world where we sometimes find ourselves dancing around saying what we mean, the Punx in the Woods Festival not only says its idea on its face, but invites you to come on in and make some mayhem in the woods you might not have felt free to do back home. Over the course of Labor Day weekend – Friday through Sunday – all sorts of decibel-testing acts will be letting their freak flags fly in a national forest.If we want to get there, though, we’d better lube the gears of this endeavor by seeing shows like this one, raising funds for Punx in the Woods by featuring some of the Pacific Northwest's best and brightest bands, old and new talent that want to slash and burn their way into the foundation of local rock.