5 Bowls of Ramens to Fall for.

October 03, 2023

Some people eat soup year round, but I am one of those people that forget soup even exist until I see my breath in the mornings. Once Fall hits though not a week goes by without me sitting in front of a bowl of hot liquid. While I am an equal lover of soups, noodle soups hold a special place in my heart. When Autumn arrives I pay no attention to pumpkin spice, because to me, it’s ramen season! That umami packed broth giving your insides a warm hug. Thick noodles that soak up the broth, a jammy soft-boiled egg cooked to perfection, salty nori (seaweed), fat from the protein and oils, and the right amount of acid (plus heat if you want it) ramen is everything a bowl of soup should be. It was not too long ago that Tacoma was a ramen desert. Portland or Seattle were your only hopes of finding a tonkotsu worth introducing your parents to, but as of late the 253 is starting to take its ramen serious as pho and I am here for that. Below are 5 options for when your cold Fall night calls for a hot bowl of ramen.