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Umi’s Corner Tacoma: It’s Alive!!!!!Aeroplane Icon
Umi Wagoner
June 15, 2023
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The brew boom of the PNW doesn’t seem like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Washington and Oregon have many great breweries and micro-breweries, and while Tacoma has a few it’s the taprooms that really have it dialed in around here. You’ve got your speciality ones, your traditional settings and now we have our first futuristic experience. The Living Taproom was designed with several seating experiences in mind. Upon entering the space you’re in the living room, it’s standard, a couch facing two chairs, a table and rug in between and plants framing it all. Walk past the living room and the space opens up, there’s high tables for standing, tall chairs for bar seating, group size tables with chairs, couple sized tables with chairs, a swing set seating area that’s a main attraction and outdoor seating with furnaces and a fire pit. The owners did their job with the decor, the drinking and the pouring that’s all on the patron.

The Living Room is downtown Tacoma’s first self-serve taproom. The technology is fairly simple but it’s still fascinating. You put your card on file like you would at any taprooms and you’re given a wristband. The wristband has tap technology and when pressed against a particular beer tap the lever is then activated and you pour your own pint. The taps track your pour by the ounce so you only are charged for what you drink nothing more nothing less. There is no bartender. There’s usually only one employee and their job is to collect used glasses, run them through the dishwasher and make sure the glasses shelves are fully stocked for customers. It’s an engaging experience and one that fits in well with the rest of the ‘Brewery Blocks’ early staples. You might be lucky enough to catch the owner Colin making the rounds scooping up empty pints but probably not for long, this business model has a lot of potential for additional locations.


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The Grand Cinema - The People’s Popcorn

There’s almost too many good things to say about the Grand Cinema in Tacoma. At its core function, it stands for art with a hyper focus on cinema in the best way. It’s a nonprofit, providing a pathway to pop culture while keeping its doors and programming open to local and international film enthusiast, supporters, directors, and film industry professionals. All of that speaks to and sticks to the heritage that began at the Grand Cinema, once the Grand Theatre, in 1997. Two years prior in 1995 the cinema was closed after being freshly built, but was saved and turned into a nonprofit by to Tacoman film enthusiasts. Since then it’s functioned well, and only continues to stay head of the curve culturally while doing its civic duty, provide entertainment and service, at a high-level.

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Make It To The Show: Rocky Sandoval

Rocky Sandoval | Friday, March 24There are certain qualities that just can’t be teached. In hip-hop, things like flow, rhythmic complexity, and lyrical finesse can be learned and honed over time. But, then, there are those intangibles that come fully formed in artists – smoothness, for instance. A sense of poise and ease with words is one of things that just comes baked-in with some emcees. For a nearby example, we can look at the Tacoma-based Rocky Sandoval. Blending hip-hop and R&B, Sandoval has his finger on the pulse of what will get listeners up and moving, seamlessly blending storytelling with the kind of club-ready production that creates a concoction so intoxicating that you may be incapable of resisting that sexy vibe.

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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Content for A King

King's BooksFor a city with a focus on the arts you would think books would be a larger part of that focus and growth. Books unceasingly inspire the arts while also being art. The old adage stands true that art begets art. The literary arts are as difficult and often fruitless as any other art form when it’s your profession. I’d wager that a solid 20-30% of the “starving artists'' demographic are writers. It’s not easy to do and in turn it’s not always easy to sell, especially in mid major markets, where independent bookstores are often overlooked for the sake of convenience. It was shocking to search and find that in all my years there has been only one addition to the city able to make it last and that is King’s Books. 

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Make It To The Show: Hump! Film Festival

Hump! Film Festival | Saturday, March 4As has been historically described – and thus, legally defined? – by the Supreme Court in the ‘40s, one knows pornography when one sees it. It’s both a completely sex-positive and rational way to approach the world, providing no one is victimized, but it also lends fire to loud hypocrites who would like to shame sexuality.