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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: Croissant CrescendosAeroplane Icon
Umi Wagoner
March 21, 2023
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Corina Bakery

When it comes to pastries in the morning there aren’t very many independents you can go to that will provide both variety and quality. What usually happens is they have the quality but they sell out of everything before they even make it to the midday rush. As a small business owner it’s a good problem to have but as a consumer it can be devastating. There may be no worse feeling than thinking all day about the taste of a delicious treat and when you arrive it’s no longer there, it’s enough to make you skip your morning meetings to ensure to get that bite or slice of happiness to push you through a tough or busy day. If you can’t tell yet, I have been a victim of this. The other side of the coin is the cafe that only does one thing right, so every time it's the same thing and variety goes out the window. Corina’s really does both exceptionally well, what isn’t baked in house is sourced with intention and care and I usually learn about a company that I would want to be in the know about anyway. 

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The Corina coffee menu is fairly standard but it doesn’t miss any marks either. They have the cappuccino through macchiato spectrum covered, even down to the popular alternatives hot cider, cocoa and several different tea options. They have what you’re looking for. And if you ask nicely they can make it however you prefer, they will remove or add things from the recipe and they have milk alternatives galore. A highlight to their business model is how well they support the vegan community, there are several options not limited to the pre-prepared breakfast options that support common dietary restrictions including the drinks and pastries as well. They have a vegan chocolate chip cookie that is as recommended as their standard latte which may be the best around according to online photos, comments and reviews. The mocha and croissant is where I started on my journey down the Corina menu. They have consistently perfect croissants, lavender cream and vegan red velvet cupcakes, coffee cake, macaroons; the pastries are never dry, they are soft and moist through the last bite. On top of the cafe Corina’s Bakery services are exceptional; they offer ‘Build Your Own’ commissoned cakes for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other special occasions, the same goes for cupcakes, classic or gluten free, vegan pies and cheesecakes. They cover all the bases.

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The decor is simple, clean and divided into two parts. The entrance closest to the corner of 6th takes you right to the counter and display cases. The secondary entrance takes you straight into the extended seating area. Mahogany wooden chairs fill the space with tables and bench sitting that wraps half the room. Corina’s has big windows (that unfortunately have been violated more than a handful of times during just the pandemic alone) with sleek Corina’s Bakery branding allows beautiful natural lighting even on the most overcast days.

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602 Fawcett Ave

Tacoma, WA 98402


Monday         7:30 AM–4 PM

Tuesday         7:30 AM–4 PM

Wednesday   7:30 AM–4 PM

Thursday    7:30 AM–4 PM

Friday       7:30 AM–4 PM

Saturday    8 AM–4 PM

Sunday         9 AM–3 PM


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Umi Wagoner’s Tacoma: A Hub Out on the Way

Airport TavernFor decades South Tacoma Way has been silently and patiently waiting for things to come full circle. Prior to the I-5 and the Tacoma Mall scooping up all the attention the lengthy strip was home to the nightlife for Tacomans of the past, who saw those businesses and bars they love close down one after another due to diverted traffic. Historically this happens in Tacoma, one area rebuilds and the rest seems to be obsolete until they follow suit. A once very neon and bustling downtown suffered from something similar. But following suit isn’t so easy for most small businesses and without a cult following of regulars the ‘phase out’ happens faster than expected. But prior to the pandemic Tacoma was in a new stage of growth that shined a light on revitalization of our business districts as much as exploration into new territories or those that had been underused. And a man ahead of the curve as he has proven so many times before, Danno Rankin, saw that very early on. Like most of South Tacoma Way at that time, with the exception of a few key players, the Airport Tavern was on its way there before he had the foresight to remodel and bring it back to life. Danno did everything under the sun at Jazzbones for a long time including booking all the talent, so his resume and expertise speak for itself when it comes to understanding what Tacoma wants from a venue. His answer was providing the best of both worlds, Tacoma’s love for dives with his booking abilities creating a bar/venue. While it does tend to cater towards rock bands, Airport Tavern and Danno have a huge hand in putting on Reggae on The Way, a block party style reggae fest that in the past has shut down the main retail strip of South Tacoma Way. It has now outgrown that setting and is being held at LEMAY. His ability to revitalize has been impressive.

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Make It To The Show- Punk in Drublic: NOFX

If you were to walk into a crowded bar and loudly announce that NOFX were celebrating their 40th anniversary, chances are that more than a few people would get struck with a kind of existential ennui, their eyes drifting off into the middle distance as they ponder the cruel passage of time. In fact, this may be the same reaction NOFX had when they realized this milestone was approaching, as they’ve taken the opportunity to call it a day and hit that sweet retirement. Not ones to go out on a whimper, though, NOFX decided to tackle their farewell tour by hitting 40 cities and playing 40 songs per show.

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Make It To The Show: Small Paul 7/14

Someday, there will be proper studies done to explore the effect that a certain global pandemic had on creative processes. Anecdotally, through conversations and interviews over the past few years, I’ve heard artists report everything from a complete inability to create, to others claiming that they’ve never been more productive with their art. For those who were able to avoid writers’ block, though, one thing seems to be a constant: projects that might’ve otherwise never seen the light of day were given the chance to blossom in these times.This is certainly the case with Small Paul, a band that came together in a Seattle basement, formed with members of the Moondoggies, Chris King and the Gutterballs, and All Star Opera, towards the beginning of the pandemic. Rather than reflect any of the anxiety that has permeated the past few years, Small Paul carries with a warm, harmonic twang that recalls the ‘70s intersection of country and rock, a sound both laidback and soulful. Their debut EP, Strangeland, feels at times like a balm to protect against the stressors of the modern world. This is especially felt on album standout “Mexico,” with its vibes of golden hour, of a sun peacefully disappearing behind a horizon, and untold adventures waiting in the future.Small Paul’s debut LP, Come Alive & Live Again, is due to be released at the end of July – hopefully supplying the perfect soundtrack for another summer in the unknown.ALMA RooftopFriday, July 14thSmall Paul, w/ Salt Lick, RestrospecterAll Ages, Doors at 6pm, Show at 7pm, $15Tickets instagram

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Make It To The Show: Naked Giants

Naked Giants | Saturday, February 18It’s awfully hard to give a much better first impression than Naked Giants did with “Dead/Alien,” the opening track on their 2018 debut LP SLUFF. A flurry of dissonance eases you into what turns out to be a brashly infectious blend of surfy punk, strangely melodic noise, and the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that can’t be manufactured. When they burst on the scene, Naked Giants’ triumvirate of merrymakers – Grant Mullen, Gianni Aiello, Henry LaVallee – were yet another group of fresh-faced, high school grads, bringing their energy and ambition with them, in all its’ bottled-up glory. In 2023, Naked Giants have established themselves as one of the more surprising entrants in the Pacific Northwest’s crowded field of melodic indie punk.